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June 21, 2022

Five tips for a kiss worthy smile

Beware of bad breath

Bad breath (halitosis) is caused by the bacteria building up in your mouth, so sticking to regular brushing habits are especially important to fight it.  Don’t forget to brush your tongue too, as bacteria is also likely to build up here.  You can also help keep bad breath at bay by using daily mouthwashes and cleaning in between your teeth with interdental brushes or floss.

One of the keys to fresh breath is making sure your mouth is making enough salvia.  Saliva stops the mouth from drying out – which is one of the main causes of bad breath. Chewing sugar free gum in between meals helps your mouth produce more salvia, keeping your breath smelling fresh.

Persistent bad breath could be a sign of a more serious condition like gum disease, so if you are following a good oral health care routine and the odour does not improve then book a check-up with your dental team to be safe.

Share a kiss – not a toothbrush 

The bacteria and viruses that causes colds, sore throats and even COVID-19, can spread from person to person through saliva, yet one in four of us are openly willing to share toothbrushes with other people. Bacteria can live on a toothbrush for anywhere between a few hours to several days which makes avoiding sharing your toothbrush, even with loved ones, really important.

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